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Hapan Date: Year 4043 Day 77
Cluster Time: 06:30
Hapes Census: Billion Citizens

Welcome to the headquarters of the Olanji Corporation!

The Olanji Corporation is an ancient ship building company based inside the Hapes Cluster. For millennia it was owned by the powerful House Olanji, but is now a nationalised Hapan company which means it belongs to the Hapan state.

The Olanji Corporation, with the help of talented personnel from the Royal Hapan Support Corp's research and development department, has designed and produced many of the unique and beautiful starships which are employed by the Hapes Consortium and its Royal Hapan Navy. As Hapans have a keen eye for beauty and form, it is only natural that they maintain that same preference when it comes to designing ships.

The Olanji Corporation is hoping to expand its profit and sales by producing and selling non-unique vessels which it has acquired datacards for to the inhabitants of the galaxy outside the cluster.

Be part of the shining star of the Hapes Consortium and participate in the construction of some of the Galaxy's most modern warships!